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Real Change with MARC Reimagining Gender Equity
Engaging Men

Real Change with MARC: Reimagining Gender Equity

This groundbreaking Catalyst event inspires men—and people of all genders—to work in partnership to create culture change toward greater equity.

DEI 101

Women’s Earnings: The Pay Gap (Quick Take)

A statistical overview of the global gender pay gap, including data from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Black man and White woman sitting at a conference table on a virtual meeting with colleagues
Employee Resource Groups

Register for Our New ERG Series

ERGs are more important than ever. Join this four-part series to learn proven strategies that support your company’s workforce.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment at Work: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How It Harms Your Organization (Topic Overview)

Don't assume you know what workplace sexual harassment looks like. Learn about the ways that culture can be a factor.

Racism in the Workplace: Expert Voices From Around the World Report
Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Racism in the Workplace: Expert Voices From Around the World (Report)

21 business leaders and scholars reveal the persistence of racism –and what we can do to move forward.


Getting Real About Gender Partnerships (Webinar Recording)

Listen to panelists as they debunk myths about gender equity in the workplace and show how everyone benefits from true…

Two men in business attire having a meeting next to a laptop

Men’s Stories of Interrupting Sexism (Report)

Men committed to gender advocacy share their stories and insights. Available in English and French.

A mid adult African-American woman in her 30s in a wheelchair outdoors, in the city, smiling at the camera. She has spina bifida.

Intersectionality: Ask Catalyst Express

These resources help you learn the meaning of "intersectionality" and how to address inequities from an intersectional framework.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Cultural Sensitivity in Global Workplaces: Flip the Script (Infographic)

These scripts help you start to get to know colleagues better without unintentionally devaluing their heritage and history.


Actions Organizations Can Take to Build Advocates for Gender Equity (Infographic)

Organizations must work to create an environment that empowers all employees to be advocates. The Catalyst advocacy continuum shows how.


Actions Individuals Can Take to Become Advocates for Gender Equity (Infographic)

Anyone can be an advocate for gender equity. Advocacy involves humble listening, learning from one another, reflecting, and exerting effort.

collage of small photographs of people of varied identities and races.
DEI 101

Intersectionality: When Identities Converge (Report)

An intersectional framework can be foundational to a more inclusive working environment. Learn what intersectionality is and is not.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

The Impact of Structural Racism on Black Americans (Report)

Many disparities between US Black and White communities stem from a long history of discriminatory and dehumanizing laws and policies.

Unconscious Bias

Leading for Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Give your managers the skills they need to succeed in uncertain times.

Paperclips in a plastic tray, each color sorted into a specific square within the tray.

Managing Affinity Bias: Knowledge Burst

Managers must learn to recognize the very human tendency to want to be around people who are just like them.…

Inclusive Leadership

Lead Outward and Lead Inward to Build an Inclusive Workplace (Infographic)

There are six core behaviors of inclusive leaders that drive results and create psychological safety for employees.

Portrait of a young businessman with his team having a meeting in the background

MARC Programming

MARC programming empowers men to recognize inequality and respond through effective partnership across gender.

Inclusive Communications

Conversation Ground Rules (Infographic)

How to create open and productive discussions in which everyone feels safe sharing their experiences and perspectives.

Inclusive Communications

Engaging in Conversations About Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Workplace (Tool)

Learn how to acknowledge—and work through—roadblocks (i.e., beliefs, attitudes, or experiences) that can stifle conversations.