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Amelia Costigan

Senior Director, Information Center

120 Wall Street, 15th Floor, New York, New York 10005, United States

Amelia Costigan has been a member of the Catalyst Information Center since 2011. She has played an integral on the strategic development of numerous Catalyst knowledge products including, Trend Briefs, Quick Takes, Ask Catalyst Express, and CatalystX. She currently is a lead content developer for the Information Center’s eLearning Knowledge Bursts, Catalyst’s short skill-building training for Supporters.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Amelia worked as an art director with a focus on strategic content creation and content packaging in the non-profit sector.

Amelia holds an MLIS and an MFA in painting.

Amelia's Latest Work

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Equitable Hiring in a Post-Pandemic World (Trend Brief)

Being intentional regarding bias in the hiring process is crucial for rebuilding a diverse workforce.

Board Diversity

Socioeconomic Board Diversity (Trend Brief)

Having women on board is a start. But socioeconomic board diversity means also representing the interests of non-executive employees.

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Reinforces Gender Stereotypes (Trend Brief)

Artificial Intelligence is only as good as humans design it to be, and humans still have work to do.

Gender Bias

Gendered Ageism (Trend Brief)

Older workers face stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the workplace. Consequences of ageism affect women earlier than men and in unique ways.

Gender Bias

The Ripple Effect: Educating Women Changes Lives (Infographic)

When girls and women are educated, they are able to contribute more to their families, businesses, and economy.

Gender Bias

The Ripple Effect: Working Women Grow Economies (Infographic)

When women succeed, families, businesses, economies, and nations all succeed.

Career Breaks & Returnships – Key Strategies for Organizations (Webinar Recording)

Listen to this webinar recording to hear best practices to start creating a more open and supportive workplace for all.

Recruitment and Retention

5 Actions Managers Can Take To Break The Gender Bias Cycle (Webinar Recording)

This webinar recording outlines the five actions managers can take to break the cycle of gender bias in development opportunities.

Recruitment and Retention

CEO Activism (Trend Brief)

CEOs and leaders are speaking out and taking action on social issues including race, gender, and immigration.

Recruitment and Retention

Break the Cycle – HR Experts (Tool)

HR Experts: Learn more about how to revamp your current methods by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Gender Bias

Break the Cycle – Managers (Tool)

Managers: Learn how to ensure you are giving equal access to “hot jobs” by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Unconscious Bias

Break the Cycle – Senior Leaders (Tool)

Senior Leaders: Learn more about setting the right tone with your behavior by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Gender Bias

The Double-Bind Dilemma for Women in Leadership (Infographic)

Gender stereotypes and the “think leader, think male” mindset create a no-win situation for women leaders. 

Making Flexibility Work (Webinar Recording)

This webinar discussed the types of flex work options, and how employers and employees can negotiate flexible workplace policies that work for everyone.

Unconscious Bias

Making Change in India Inc. 1: Addressing Workplace Biases That Hold Women Back (Tool)

Organizations can use this interactive tool to complete an assessment of gender bias.

Sexual Harassment

Making Change in India Inc. 2: Creating Work Environments Free From Sexual Harassment (Tool)

Use this tool to delve into their own understanding of sexual harassment and personal safety as a barrier to gender inclusion.

Business Case

Making Change in India Inc. 3: Reintegrating Women Into the Workplace Successfully (Tool)

Use this tool to gauge the success of efforts to recruit and retain highly talented women after a career break.

Business Case

India: The Case for Gender Diversity (Tool)

This tool provides an outline of the business case for diversity and inclusion in Indian businesses.