Working Parents

Intentional parental and childcare policies—for all parents—help to close equity gaps. They attract and retain workers and contribute to a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion.



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Working Parents

Employees Want to Make Work Permanently Flexible (Media Release)

A new survey shows employee preferences for returning to onsite work and insights on what is important to working parents.

Work-Life Effectiveness

Working Parents (Quick Take)

How do family composition and paid leave for parents compare around the world?

Survey Finds Many Working Parents Fear Job Loss or Being Penalized During Covid-19 (Media Release)

According to a Catalyst-CNBC survey, working parents fear being a parent is a strike against them in the workplace.

DEI 101

8 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019 (Blog Post)

Catch up over the holidays with our recommendations for podcasts on inclusive leadership, books about women leaders, and more.

Catalyst President & CEO Quoted in the Associated Press (Blog)

President & CEO Lorraine Hariton's take on a proposed federal policy that would extend paid parental leave for federal employees.


10 Reasons Every Company Should Offer Paid Paternity Leave (Blog Post)

Not only do men want the option, but workplaces and organizations can benefit from giving it.


Benefits of Paternity Leave: Being There (Blog Post)

They say as a parent, you never stop worrying.


Preparing for Labor Day: “Maternity Leave” Is Also for Dads (Blog Post)

Let’s End the Stigma


A Topic for Discussion (Blog Post)

I’m regularly told that I’m a ‘good dad’ when I’m simply in line with the kids anywhere (especially in the…


Many Are Unaware of the Benefits (Blog Post)

Paternity leave can go a long way toward building the kinds of businesses that attract and retain workers. It also…

Working Parents

The Case For Extended Paternity Leave In The Netherlands (Blog Post)

The Netherlands is a country crying out for a different way of doing things—one that departs from the traditional zuilen…

Working Parents

Unilever – MAPS Maternity and Paternity Support (Practices)

Work-Life Effectiveness

Childcare: What’s Trending? Understanding What Works For Different Organizations (Blog Post)

nding affordable and reliable childcare has been a challenge that working women around the world face when their maternity leave…

The Chubb Corporation – The Working Parents Network: Embracing Diversity Across the Caretaking Spectrum (Practices)

Learn about Chubb's work-life effectiveness through its ERG for parents.

McCarthy Tétrault LLP – Increasing Retention of Women Lawyers: The Parental Leave Program (Practices)

Since 2004, McCarthy Tétrault’s senior leadership has identified gender diversity as one of the firm’s highest priorities. To help its…

Work-Life Effectiveness

After-School Worries: Tough on Parents, Bad for Business (Report)

PCAST is an equal-opportunity concern, cutting across gender, race, and rank, from factory floor to executive suite.