Multigenerational Workplace

Globally, the world’s population is aging. Yet Generation Z is entering the workforce and will soon account for over a third of the global population. Organizations that understand generational trends are well-positioned to create inclusive workplaces.



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Gender Pay Gap

Video: Catalyst Spills the Tea on Pay Day Routines

In this episode of Catalyst Spills the Tea, a video YouTube series, we spill the tea on "payday routines," a social media trend where influencers share best practices for saving money and living within your means.

Video: Catalyst Spills the Tea on Lazy Girl Jobs

Enjoy the inaugural episode of Catalyst Spills the Tea, a video series where we spill the tea on the trend, "lazy girl jobs."

Multigenerational Workplace

7 Lessons From 4 Generations on Working Together (Blog Post)

A Baby Boomer, a Gen Xer, a Millennial, and a Gen Zer discuss leveraging differences to work better together.

Gender Bias

Inclusion at Every Stage: Addressing Gendered Ageism (Topic Overview)

At the intersection of age and gender bias, both older (or younger) women may be disadvantaged in the workplace.

Gender Bias

Menopause in the Workplace (Topic Overview)

When people experiencing menopause are not adequately supported, they may feel and/or be excluded from leadership, leading to attrition.

Multigenerational Workplace

Generation Z, the Future Workforce (Trend Brief)

Learn about the future of work for Generation Z, AKA post-Millennials, iGeneration, Gen Edge, and the Sharing Generation.

Organizational Culture Change

Turn Perception Into Reality (Infographic)

Good News: Most people think we should have gender equality. Bad News: They believe we've already achieved it.

Inclusive Communications

Barclays – How Barclays is Creating an Inclusive Workplace (Practices)

Learn about Barclays' history of diversity and inclusion and how they continue to excel on that journey.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

SHARE Ask Deborah: What Does It Take To Prepare The Next Generation For Leadership? (Blog Post)

There are many qualities that are associated with great leaders. At Catalyst we have found that the best leaders exhibit the EACH behaviors: Encouragement, Accountability, Courage and Humility. But how do we prepare future generations for leadership?

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Millennial Voices: Keeping The Dream Alive (Blog Post)

Until we can unanimously accept that America’s race problem has not evaporated, but instead has in some ways become even more deeply entrenched in our culture and collective psyche, we cannot hope to move beyond it. It’s


The adidas Group – Promoting Fair Play Through Work-Life Integration (Practices)

The adidas Group offers work-life benefits and more to their employees.

Employee Resource Groups

Credit Suisse Switzerland – Employee Networks: Creating a Platform for Learning (Practices)

Credit Suisse is committed to promoting a partnership culture which attracts, retains, and develops diverse talent. Diversity & Inclusion is…

Multigenerational Workplace

SAP – net45plus (Practices)

The net45plus employee network at the German headquarters of SAP AG was designed to engage older employees by providing support…

Multigenerational Workplace

Credit Suisse – Reverse Mentoring: Engaging Generational Difference (Practices)

Credit Suisse's Reverse Mentoring: Engaging Generational Difference pairs senior leaders with junior employees to educate senior employees about diversity, provide…

Multigenerational Workplace

Beyond Generational Differences: Bridging Gender and Generational Diversity at Work (Report)

As a result of demographic shifts, technologies, and focus on team-based approaches, generational diversity has become salient in many organizations.