DEI 101

Is your organization just starting or refreshing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative? These resources will help to ground you in the main opportunities, challenges, and solutions that organizations around the world face as they embark on creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.



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Women in the Workforce: India (Quick Take)

An overview of working women in India, including stats on demographics, education, and diversity.

DEI 101

LGBTQ+ Workplace Issues (Quick Take)

Find the statistics you need regarding LGBT populations around the world and their work environments.

Inclusive Leadership

DEI Is a Global Challenge—But Solutions Are Local

DEI solutions are as diverse as the organizations that deploy them. Catalyst’s CEO explores ways to begin.

DEI 101

Why DEI Matters: Knowledge Burst

Learn the benefits of DEI and start to build competencies to better manage diverse teams and grow your leadership skills.

DEI 101

Women’s Earnings: The Pay Gap (Quick Take)

A statistical overview of the global gender pay gap, including data from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

DEI 101

Women in Management (Quick Take)

Statistical overview of women in senior management and leadership positions around the world.

DEI 101

Pyramid: Women in the United States Workforce (Infographic)

Catalyst's famous pyramid depicts how the number of women in leadership positions shrinks as they climb the corporate ladder.

DEI 101

Women in Male-Dominated Industries and Occupations (Quick Take)

Women working in male-dominated industries face a variety of challenges including pervasive stereotypes and sexual harassment.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

14 Racial Equity Terms You Should Know (Blog Post)

Learn the vocabulary you'll need for conversations about antiracism in the workplace.

Business Case

Women in the Workforce: Global (Quick Take)

In many countries, women account for 40% or more of the total labor force.

Women of Color

Women of Color in the United States (Quick Take)

Women of color will be the majority of all women in the United States by 2060.

DEI 101

Intersectionality: When Identities Converge (Report)

An intersectional framework can be foundational to a more inclusive working environment. Learn what intersectionality is and is not.

DEI 101

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter (Quick Take)

Get data and findings from a vast body of research on the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion.

Business Case

Guide to Benchmarking Data on Women in the Workplace (Tool)

A summary of gender benchmarking resources that are publicly available.

DEI 101

8 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019 (Blog Post)

Catch up over the holidays with our recommendations for podcasts on inclusive leadership, books about women leaders, and more.

Inclusive Leadership

Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership (Report)

Catalyst research demonstrates the role managers play in creating inclusive workplaces and highlights the elements of inclusive leadership.

DEI 101

Creating a DEI Strategy: Ask Catalyst Express

Data and resources addressing key topics for organizations beginning to develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

DEI 101

Organizational Structures for DEI: Ask Catalyst Express

Data and resources addressing key topics for organizations beginning to develop a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

Flexible Work

Flexible Work Arrangements: Ask Catalyst Express

Flexible work arrangments are a work-life effectiveness talent-management strategy critical for the future of work.

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Diversity Councils (Topic Overview)

Learn how diversity councils help operationalize D&I efforts in an organization, from recruitment to product and talent development.