Catalyst research is the foundation of all our solutions for creating equitable workplaces. We examine today’s work environments and employees’ experiences in them. We track representation of women in corporate leadership and determine the root causes of gender gaps. We use fact-based, scientific methods—including longitudinal panels and large-scale field studies—to explore barriers and measure success. Whether you’re looking for numbers, ideas, or solutions, Catalyst has what you need. It’s why Catalyst is the most-trusted resource for knowledge on gender and inclusive leadership in the business.



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Webinar Recording: Women on the Front Line: Enabling Them to Thrive, Stay, and Perform

In this webinar, Catalyst unveils new cutting-edge research, in partnership with Accenture, and actionable product toolkits for frontline executives and managers that will offer resources and best practices for advancing equity in the workplace

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Webinar Recording: Prioritizing DEI Progress During Uncertain Times: Using Accountability to Drive Change

Watch the Hartford executives discuss and further explore their award-winning initiative, and the steps implemented to use accountability to move the needle in the DEI space.

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Engaging Men

Webinar Recording: Gender Partnership: What, Why and How

Watch this webinar as we discuss what gender partnership looks like, why engaging men in gender partnership is important, and how to implement this strategy in your organization. 

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Future of Work

Next-Gen Technologists: Innovating with Latine Women (Webinar Recording)

For Hispanic/Latine Heritage Month 2023, we explored how Latine women are changing the tech landscape.

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Webinar Recording: Think Global, Act Local

Watch this webinar to gain critical insights on how you can successfully contextualize a universal DEI vision. 

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Virtual Roundtable Recording: Reignite Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Through Inclusive Benefits and Policies

Watch this panel discussion centered on employee engagement and creating a sense of belonging in today’s work environment.

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Future of Work

US Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling and the Future of DEI in Corporate America (Webinar Recording)

Experts discuss the US Supreme Court decision and the actions organizations can take to lead intentionally during this pivotal time.

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Roundtable Recording: LGBTQ+ Inclusion at TD – Forever Proud. Forever Progressing

This moderated conversation provides an opportunity to hear from TD leaders and learn about their progress (so far) and why they’re not stopping!

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Webinar Recording: Allyship in Action: How to Be a Workplace Advocate and Move Beyond Performative Support for LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

Watch this webinar as we dive into the important role advocacy plays in creating more inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ team members. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Impact of ChatGPT and AI on Equity (Webinar Recording)

Learn more about the impact of generative AI and other emerging technologies on the way we work now and into the future.

Webinar Recording: Empathy: What Does It Mean for Asian and Pacific Island Communities?

Watch this webinar to hear how organizations can meet the needs of this culturally diverse group with a specific lens on empathy.

Webinar Recording: Building a Culture of Inclusive Feedback

Watch this webinar recording to learn the ways to facilitate candid, constructive, and fair feedback, that encourages growth and understanding for everyone. 

International Women’s Day (IWD): Impacting Positive Change by Embracing Equity Webinar Recording

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and of women across all their intersecting identities, join Catalyst for a vibrant discussion on leveraging your sphere of influence to forge a fair and equal world.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Allyship in the Workplace: Leadership Practices That Support Career Advancement for Black Women

Learn how leaders and managers can support Black women and create meaningful career pathways to support their advancement and leadership.

How to Apply for the 2024 Catalyst Award

Has your company considered applying for the Catalyst Award? Learn insights from our Award Chair, Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, about the rigorous and worthwhile process and details for submitting an application.

Managing with a Sponsorship Mindset: Why Mentorship Isn’t Enough

Mentoring is essential to leadership development—but mentorship alone is not enough to help women advance.

Breaking Through Barriers: Effective Ways to Competently & Confidently Create Workplace Equity for All

Systemic changes are vital to creating real changes in workplace culture, but traditionally marginalized employees need fully engaged leadership on their side. Learn strategies from workplace experts on how to engage others.

Catalyst Measuring for Change Panelists

Catalyst Measuring for Change Event: Nuts and Bolts: Building and Growing Your DEI Measurement Process (Webinar Recording)

The importance of a robust DE&I measurement process cannot be overstated, but companies often struggle with this.

Future of Work

Dow: Combatting Microaggressions Webinar Recording

Dow’s HR team and the Office of Inclusion, along with education technology company Mursion, created learning modules featuring virtual reality simulations for leaders, covering the topics of microaggressions and bias in performance evaluations.

Words Aren't Enough: The Risks of Performative Policies

Words Aren’t Enough: The Risks of Performative Policies (Webinar Recording)

Discover tools for successfully implementing genuine policies and hear practical steps from DEI leaders for driving equity and inclusion.