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From the front line to the C-suite, Catalyst offers a range of programs, including workshops, site licenses, and speaking engagements. Catalyst experts deliver engaging content and share insights to drive action within organizations.

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350+ workshops and engagements offered

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1. Inclusion Workshops

In each interactive workshop, learners examine their own assumptions and biases, analyze their own and others’ behaviors, and practice skills through engaging activities, insightful case studies, and practical self-assessment. Attendees will gain a clear understanding of what it means to contribute to an inclusive culture, why inclusion is essential in today’s business landscape, and how to be a more effective team member and leader.

2. MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) Programming

The MARC suite of learning programs offers something for employees at all levels, including short online trainings that lay a foundation of understanding, immersive learning experiences for leaders, and everything in between. Our broad range of approaches supports companies and team at every stage of their DEI journey.

3. Expert Speakers

Catalyst’s DEI experts can offer a range of expertise and insights using Catalyst research and knowledge. These speakers are perfect for a variety of engagement types, including keynote speeches, structured interviews, fireside chats, panel discussions, podcasts, and more.


Our Impact

82% of MARC alums report high levels of confidence in putting their commitment into action, which is nearly 3x higher than the confidence level Catalyst normally finds in research.

74% of MARC program participants report that they are more likely to interrupt sexist practices or behaviors in the workplace.

86% of participants are confident that attendance at MARC programs will assist in advancing workplace initiatives or values.

Nearly 94% of Inclusion workshop participants would recommend the workshops to peers or colleagues

“Attending a MARC Leaders Workshop affects leaders in different ways. For me, it was transformational. I always thought I was rather enlightened in my attitudes towards gender equity. Through MARC, I realized [… I] was only scratching the surface. I wasn’t getting it wrong; I just wasn’t getting it all. It is not enough just to say ‘I am for gender equity.’ To be an effective leader of a diverse workforce, I must make a deliberate, continuous effort to deeply understand the dynamics involved, engage in dialogue, and then act.”


— Giorgio Siracusa, Former Senior VP, Procter & Gamble
& Founder, Sirastrategy Advisors

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