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Leading for Equity and Inclusion means leaders need to take bold steps to make change. Whether it’s through a pay equity review, really listening to women’s experiences of racism at work, or promoting gender partnership, leaders can accelerate progress with Catalyst resources.


Lead For Equity & Inclusion

Leaders need to take bold steps to make change. Accelerate progress on creating equitable workplaces with these Catalyst resources.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Exposé of Women’s Workplace Experiences Challenges Antiracist Leaders to Step Up (Report)

New data reveal the intersectional experiences of racism that women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups face at work.

Champions For Change

Aligning Actions to Values: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change (Report)

Champion companies continue to outpace their peers in women’s representation at the executive and senior manager levels.

Frontline Employees Initiative

2023 Annual Letter from Lorraine Hariton (Media Release)

Catalyst President and CEO Lorraine Hariton challenges CEOs to reimagine work in 2023 to make greater strides toward equity and inclusion.

Inclusive Leadership

5 Strategies to Promote Inclusion: A Manager’s Playbook (Tool)

An important part of managing a team is making each member feel included. With this tool, you’ll learn how.

Emotional Tax

Emotional Tax and Work Teams: A View from 5 Countries (Report)

This report reveals that experiences of emotional tax in the workplace are pervasive in Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, and US.

Implicit Bias

Break the Cycle – Eliminating Gender Bias in Talent Management Systems (Infographic)

Download this infographic to learn how gender bias can seep into your talent management system.

Gender Bias

Eliminate Gender Bias in Development Opportunities: Managers (Tool)

Managers: Learn how to ensure you are giving equal access to “hot jobs” by downloading this Supporter-only tool.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Forging Career Pathways for People from Marginalized Racial and Ethnic Groups (Practices)

How Uber and Ulta Beauty create equitable career opportunities for people from marginalized groups in their organizations.

Inclusive Leadership

How to Support Employees in Times of Crisis

What’s happening in the world affects how we show up in the workplace. Catalyst has resources to help.


Beginning a Measurement Process: A Tool for DEI Leaders (Tool)

Whether your organization is just starting its workforce measurement strategy or expanding it, this tool has the resources you need.

For DEI Innovators & Pioneers: 2023 Catalyst Awards

The 2023 Catalyst Awards Conference & Dinner (March 30, 2023) is the premier gender equity conference and awards event for advocates of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Corporate leaders from around the world who are intentional about DEI will gather to learn from one another and to recognize outstanding organizational initiatives to advance women in the workplace.

Catalyst research shows that inclusive leadership is essential in making employees feel valued and included. Leaders who fail to display traits such as adaptability and empathy or address the social and political issues affecting their employees may inadvertently create workplaces that lead to burnout and work withdrawal.

Lorraine Hariton, President + CEO, Catalyst

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