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EnERGize Your Workforce: Resources

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Many ERGs have evolved from purely social groups to entities closely aligned with business goals and career development. ERGs today typically focus on recruitment, retention, career development, and skill-building. They address issues in the workplace, develop client and business opportunities, expand cross-cultural and global understanding, and build corporate responsibility. Many ERGs align themselves with the business goals of the company.

To reinforce their business focus, ERGs should:

  • Create a strong, organization-specific business case;
  • Develop a mission statement, objectives, and guidelines;
  • Identify the group’s leadership and membership structure;
  • Determine specific areas for activity that are relevant to the group’s constituency;
  • Create metrics to track effectiveness;
  • Report regularly to the executive sponsor, office of diversity and inclusion, and/or the human relations office.

Learn more through the resources listed below.

Non-Supporter Resources

What Happens When Men Join ERGs That Aren’t “For Them” (Catalyst)

Employee Resource Groups: How to Unlock the Full Potential of ERGs (Seen@Work)

ERG Toolkit (The University of Pittsburgh)
5 Ways Employee Resource Groups Are Helping During Covid-19 (Catalyst)
How to Build a Strong Employee Resource Group (Yello)

A Study of the Structure and Operations of Employee Resource Groups (Salesforce)
Busting Myths About ERGs, One Resource at a Time (Catalyst)
Employee Resource Groups: A Guide (Indeed)
Leveraging ERG Allies To Build A Positive Organizational Culture (Diversity Global)
ERG Toolkit: methods on how to create and maintain your ERGs (Vibrant Pittsburgh)
The Importance of Employee Resource Groups For Your Workplace (Everyone Social)

Catalyst Supporter Resources

The Catalyst Guide to Employee Resource Groups (Tool)*
Connecting Across Differences (Knowledge Burst)*
Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks (Knowledge Burst)*

Bank of America – Investing in Women (Practices)*

Medtronic: Igniting Women to Lead Through the Medtronic Women’s Network (Practices)*
Eli Lilly and Company – Employee Journeys and People Strategy (Practices)*
Building Impact Across Women’s ERGs (Webinar)*
Driving LGBTQ+ Inclusion During the Disruption: The Strategic Advantage of ERGs (Webinar)*
Think Global. Act Local. (Webinar)*

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