Your Guide to DEI Messaging

Featured Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion messaging strategies, tips and insights.

How to Navigate DEI Opposition

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts create an environment where people of all identities and backgrounds can belong.  Workplaces that are respectful and rewarding and prioritize DEI work for women. These values are core to Catalyst’s mission. And they matter to employees.

Shifts in political and economic climates can have a profound impact on support for this work. At Catalyst, we believe: The words may change, but the values do not. And neither do the benefits—to companies and to people.

Simply put: DEI makes businesses better and employees happier.

Discover how to talk to employees about DEI.

According to our global research, 48% of employees desire a blend of fairness and business cases in diversity discussions. Prioritize fairness to boost employee satisfaction and retention. Learn how you can master both angles for maximum impact.


Employees want their organizations to speak up.


of employees say that it’s at least somewhat important for their organization to be vocal about its DEI effort.


of employees agree that organizations should take strides to ensure that the workplace is diverse and inclusive of all employees.

DEI messaging influences
employees differently.

Talking about diversity efforts so they reflect both employee and organizational values is essential to creating workplaces where everyone can thrive. Leaders who use the fairness case can boost employee:

Experiences of Inclusion

Perceptions of Organizational Fairness

Turnover Intentions


33 Ways to Address the Backlash Against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


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