Conviction & Action

In the face of global challenges, lean on Catalyst’s expertise to feed your resolve and help you proactively address burnout, emotional tax, microaggressions, and more. This archive is a collection of Catalyst’s work around Conviction & Action—part of our 2023 campaign, Accelerating Equity on All Fronts



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Leveraging Empathy to Build Antiracist Organizations (Report)

Leaders can use empathy to recognize how racial, ethnic, and cultural differences affect our perceptions, actions, and experiences at organizations.

Future of Work

Dow: Combatting Microaggressions and Reigniting Psychological Safety in the Workplace Using Interactive, Experiential Learning (Practices Webinar Recording)

Dow’s HR team and the Office of Inclusion, along with education technology company Mursion, created learning modules featuring virtual reality simulations for leaders, covering the topics of microaggressions and bias in performance evaluations.

Emotional Tax

Emotional Tax and Work Teams (Report)

This report reveals that experiences of emotional tax in the workplace are pervasive in Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, and US.

Organizational Culture Change

Addressing Burnout in the Workplace (Topic Overview)

Burnout has become a major global concern in the workplace. To support workers, organizations need to tackle this systemic issue.

Remote Work

Remote-Work Options Can Boost Productivity and Curb Burnout (Report)

Remote work is here to stay. Catalyst research demonstrates that remote work can increase productivity and decrease burnout.

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Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace (Topic Overview)

Avoid excessive stress and burnout in your employees by learning how you can prioritize mental health at your organization.

Future of Work

Enhancing Inclusive Employee Experiences: Scenario Planning for the Future of Work (Tool)

Scenario planning is a helpful futurist methodology for leaders and organizations, especially during times of uncertainty.

Organizational Culture Change

Diversity Fatigue in the Workplace: How to Get Unstuck (Blog Post)

A lack of corporate goals, resources, or a compelling strategy may be making your employees cynical about diversity initiatives.

Emotional Tax

How and Why to Create an Empowering Workplace (Infographic)

Feelings of empowerment are key to creating a psychologically safe work environment where all employees can thrive.