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Heather Foust-Cummings, PhD

Senior Vice President, Research & Consulting

+1 212 514 7600 x335

120 Wall Street, 15th Floor, New York, New York 10005, United States

Heather Foust-Cummings, PhD, is the passionate leader of Catalyst’s researchers, librarians, and fact-checkers who are experts and thought leaders on building workplaces that work for women. Before serving in this role, Heather researched topics such as women on boards, women in technology, inclusive workplace cultures and leadership, how men engage in workplace equity efforts, and how leaders effectively sponsor high-potential talent. A sought-after speaker, she has consulted for organizations in the financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, and construction industries.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Heather taught at Columbia University and conducted brand analyses for Young & Rubicam. Heather received her PhD and MA in Political Science and a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Emory University; she received her BS in Political Science and Secondary Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Heather's Latest Work

Future of Work

Future Workplaces that Work for Women: Five Strategies in the Covid-19 Era (Webinar Recording)

Hear an overview of the Catalyst Report, Covid-19: Women, Equity, and Inclusion in the Future of Work, from our researchers.

Future of Work

Covid-19: Women, Equity, and Inclusion in the Future of Work (Report)

In the wake of Covid-19, Catalyst offers a path to a more equitable, inclusive, and fulfilling workplace.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Webinar Recording)

Listen to this webinar recording to hear how you can help create an inclusive workplace free of sexual harassment.

Board Diversity

Companies Behaving Responsibly: Gender Diversity on Boards (Report)

This report highlights how gender-diverse boards are good for business and society.


Anatomy of Change: How Inclusive Cultures Evolve (Report)

Candid, respectful communication (and lots of it) is the foundation for building a more inclusive workplace.

Board Diversity

High Potentials in the Pipeline: On Their Way to the Boardroom (Report)

This report highlights the differences between women's and men's career experiences and satisfaction.


Calling All White Men: Can Training Help Create Inclusive Workplaces? (Report)

This report highlights the critical role men have to play in creating inclusive workplaces.

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Sponsoring Women to Success (Report)

Lately, organizations and the media have given sponsorship widespread attention, but questions abound. 


Strategy Matters: Evaluating Company Approaches for Creating Inclusive Workplaces (Report)

Strategy Matters: Evaluating Company Approaches for Creating Inclusive Workplaces synthesizes the latest thinking about the critical success factors and activities for…


Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: Stacking the Deck for Success (Report)

Catalyst believes that men have a critical role to play in diversity and inclusion efforts, especially initiatives to eliminate gender…

Recruitment and Retention

2009 Catalyst Member Benchmarking (Report)

This report focuses on organizational practices that support women's career advancement.

Recruitment and Retention

2008 Catalyst Member Benchmarking (Report)

This report provides benchmark data on the diversity of executive and pipeline levels.

Employee Resource Groups

2008 Catalystメンバーのベンチマーク(レポート)

This report focuses on employee resource groups (ERGs).

Women in Technology: Maximizing Talent, Minimizing Barriers (Report)

This study shows the lay of the land for women in STEM companies and details areas for improvement and advancement.