Dnika J. Travis, PhD

Dr. Dnika J. Travis, former Vice President, Research at Catalyst, is a recognized researcher, educator, and change leader. At Catalyst, Dnika lead research initiatives and managed content creation. Her most recent work involves building and piloting the Catalyst Inclusion Accelerator, a diagnostic and action planning tool to help companies measure the state of inclusion for employees and teams. Dnika’s renowned research on emotional tax experienced by people of color at work, along with her expertise on engaging i­­n tough conversations across differences, have been widely published and featured in top-tier media outlets such as CNN, Fortune, and NBC News. She was also named a “2017 Women Worth Watching” by Profiles in Diversity Journal. Prior to joining Catalyst, Dnika was an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work where she maintains an affiliation as a fellow. Dnika earned her PhD from University of Southern California, MSW from the University of Michigan, and BA from Hampton University.

Dnika J.'s Latest Work

Inclusive Leadership

Allyship and Curiosity Drive Inclusion for People of Color at Work (Report)

Catalyst research shows that allyship and curiosity help create a more inclusive, welcoming workplace for people of color.


Interrupting Sexism at Work: What Drives Men to Respond Directly or Do Nothing? (Report)

New Catalyst research examines what influences men’s willingness and ability to interrupt sexism at work.

Inclusive Leadership

Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership (Report)

Catalyst research demonstrates the role managers play in creating inclusive workplaces and highlights the elements of inclusive leadership.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Report)

Take steps now to prevent sexual harassment with these actions taken from vetted research.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Day-to-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Color in the Workplace (Report)

Learn what Emotional Tax is and how it affects both employees of color and organizations.

Emotional Tax

Emotional Tax: How Black Women and Men Pay More at Work and How Leaders Can Take Action (Report)

Emotional Tax is the experience of being different from peers because of your gender/race/ethnicity and the associated detrimental effects

Organizational Culture Change

The Day-To-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion (Report)

What does inclusion look and feel like to you? How about to your colleagues?

India Inc.: From Intention to Impact (Report)

Many companies in India are having trouble using diversity-focused policies to create an inclusive workplace where women can succeed.

Think People, Not Just Programs, to Build Inclusive Workplaces (Report)

To create high-performing work cultures, business leaders must pay attention to the people side—how employees connect to the company.

Organizational Culture Change

Culture Matters: Unpacking Change and Achieving Inclusion (Report)

This study presents a Corporate Practice Change Model to navigate change and promote inclusion.

Recruitment and Retention

Corporate Landscape in Mexico: Understanding Approaches to Talent Management and Women’s Inclusion (Report)

To remain competitive in this global business landscape, talent management—in particular a focus on diversity and inclusion—is critical.

Recruitment and Retention

Panorama Corporativo en México: Análisis de las Estrategias de la Gestión de Talento e Inclusión de las Mujeres (Reporte)

Las mujeres en México representan una proporción significativa del talento disponible.