Corporate Board Services

Diverse Corporate Boards: Good for Women, Men, and Companies

Catalyst Corporate Board Services (CBS) works to increase board diversity by advocating for gender diversity in corporate boardrooms around the globe. 

Catalyst Women On BoardTM

Catalyst Women On BoardTM announces its second US class! Learn more
Catalyst Women On BoardTM promotes the appointment of women to corporate boards by engaging CEOs and board chairs who are committed to improving board diversity, to mentor and sponsor CEO-endorsed women board candidates. Launched in Canada in 2007 and expanded to the United States in 2015, over 62% of Catalyst Women On BoardTM alumnae have been appointed to corporate boards. Access the Catalyst Women On Board™ Director Database, a tool to help you find women board candidates for your board search. 

Catalyst Corporate Board Resource

The Catalyst Corporate Board Resource: Connecting CEO-Sponsored Women to Board Opportunities, connects leadership from organizations with open board positions to board-ready women candidates. CEOs of Catalyst supporting organizations can sponsor senior executive women from their own networks for corporate board opportunities and consult the directory to search for candidates for directorships.

Catalyst Accord

The Catalyst Accord 2022 calls on Canadian boards and CEOs to pledge to accelerate the advancement of women in business.

Accord signatories pledge to take the following actions:

  1. Increase the average percentage of women on boards and women in executive positions in corporate Canada to 30% or greater by 2022.

  2. Share key metrics with Catalyst for annual benchmarking of our collective progress.

Education & Resources

Individuals interested in learning more about corporate boards should sign up for CBS Quarterly, our e-newsletter, and refer to our list of resources.

Employees at supporter organizations are encouraged to attend upcoming events and watch recordings of previously conducted webinars, such as Getting on Board. Senior executive women at supporter organizations who are pursuing corporate board service may email [email protected] with their résumé attached for individualized recommendations.