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Webinar Recording: Working Remotely: The Global Impact on Employee Experiences

Gain insights from our latest report and hear from speakers who are planning for future workspaces.

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Ask Catalyst Express: Inclusive Hybrid Workplaces

Learn how your organization can create an inclusive flexible and remote work culture with these resources from Catalyst and beyond.…

Remote Work

“Burnout” Crisis at Work Threatens Post-Pandemic Workplaces

New Catalyst research demonstrates that remote work can increase productivity and decrease burnout when utilized by organizations intentionally.


Post-Covid: 5 Strategies for a Better Workplace (Infographic)

Catalyst’s report Covid-19: Women, Equity, and Inclusion in the Future of Work charts the course for a reimagined workplace—centered on…


6 Uplifting Stories of Pandemic Parenting

Yes, it’s challenging, but it can also bring some unexpected rewards.

The Business Case for Flex Work: 6 Essential Resources

Catalyst research shows that flexible work arrangements can boost business performance and retain top talent.

Beyond Remote – Flexibility is Key: Knowledge Burst

Go beyond remote work and embrace a flexible talent management strategy. Learn how to be inclusive of your entire team.…

4 Case Studies on Flexible Work Policies and Cultures

Learn from real-life examples of companies that created best-in-class flexible work practices.

How to Make Flexible Work the Way of the Future

Three steps every manager needs to take.

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Webinar Recording: Making Flexibility Work

This webinar discussed the types of flex work options, and how employers and employees can negotiate flexible workplace policies that…

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Tool: Managing Flex 1: Creating an Organizational Culture Supportive of Flexible Work Arrangements

This tool helps companies assess whether their organizational culture is supportive of all employees working flexibly.

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Tool: Managing Flex 2: Successfully Managing Employees Working Flexibly

This tool provides managers with the resources they need to have conversations with their employees about their flexible work options.…

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Tool: Managing Flex 3: Requesting a Flexible Work Arrangement as an Individual

This tool is a step-by-step guide for individuals who want to begin to work flexibly.

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Report: The Great Debate: Flexibility vs. Face Time – Busting the Myths Behind Flexible Work Arrangements

This report separates myth from fact using data from actual high-potential employees working around the world.

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Case Study: HSBC India – Flexible Work Arrangements

Capital One – Flexible Work Solutions (FWS)

Capital One created its Flexible Work Solutions (FWS) initiative to enhance organizational performance and real-estate asset utilization while supporting better…

Business Case

Tool: Making Change: Building a Flexible Workplace

This tool provides managers and HR professionals with a framework for understanding the elements of the business case.

Report: Flexible Work Arrangements III: A Ten-Year Retrospective

This study presents a ten-year look at the work experiences of pioneering women who have used reduced work schedules. Read…