Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been heralded as a tool that can enhance our work and even serve as an equalizer by reducing bias in decisions by making predictions with algorithms based on data. Yet AI, ultimately, is what humans design it to be, learn, and do–including unintentionally reinforcing gendered stereotypes.



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Artificial Intelligence

Impact of ChatGPT and AI on Equity (Webinar Recording)

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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

AI and Equitable Hiring in a Post-Pandemic World (Trend Brief)

Being intentional regarding bias in the hiring process is crucial for rebuilding a diverse workforce.

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Reinforces Gender Stereotypes (Trend Brief)

Artificial Intelligence is only as good as humans design it to be, and humans still have work to do.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI and Gender Bias (Trend Brief)

Humans may be programming their own biases, including around gender and race, into the algorithms behind artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier for Confronting Gender Bias (Blog Post)

These tech startups are using AI to try to make gender bias in the workplace a thing of the past.