Advancing Your Own Career

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Latinx Women Looking Ahead — Lessons Learned From Pioneering Women in Pay Equity

We will look at what pioneering Latina advocates for women at work are doing and what women can do today…

Financial Times Women at the Top Americas Summit

How could a diverse workforce help to speed up recovery? How can women rise in the new world of work?

Advancing Your Own Career

Building Your Network (Webinar Recording)

Hear from panelists about how to expand your connections internally and externally to provide support to your own and your…

Advancing Your Own Career

Webinar: Building Your Network

Learn how establishing a strong network is critical to career advancement.

SupChina Women’s Conference 2020

The SupChina Women’s Conference brings together thought leaders and visionaries for an open dialogue about the continuing empowerment of women…

Ascend Canada Annual Conference

Catalyst partner Ascend Canada invites you to its Annual Conference. Ther theme this year Connect. Learn. Unleash your Potential, brings…

Women In the Workplace: Money Matters

The economy is in a radically different place than it was this time last year. From paused promotions to slashed…

COVID-19: Don’t Let the Crisis Go To Waste

Catalyst President & CEO Lorraine Hariton joins our partners at Global Mentor Network for this timely conversation and will share…

Q&A with Minda Harts – How COVID-19 is Impacting Women of Color

Join Minda Harts and Rachel Thomas as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on women of color and how to…

Take Charge of Your Career, Calgary, AB

Join us to learn the two career advancement strategies measured to have the strongest payoff for women professionals.

Advancing Your Own Career

Women in TMT 2019, London UK

Women in TMT is for women looking to progress their careers, providing guidance on making it to the top and…

Advancing Your Own Career

9 Must-Read Books for Women Leaders (Blog Post)

Here are my picks for books that help women become more authentic, effective leaders.

Advancing Your Own Career

Advancing Women: Industry Influencers Share Their Personal Journeys Through Past, Present, Future

A unique evening featuring three panels in one exciting event.


How I Learned to Excel in a Male-Dominated Workplace (Blog Post)

Sodexo's Melinda Gorgenyi details her rise to the top in the field of facilities management.

Organizational Culture Change

More Women in Leadership: How, Why, and When (Blog Post)

Why has it taken so long to diversify senior leadership?  Why is this an opportune moment to make change in…

Advancing Your Own Career

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Women Leaders (Blog Post)

Check out these stand-out podcasts hosted by women, including women of color, and featuring inspiring women leaders as guests.

Advancing Your Own Career

7 Crucial Career Lessons From Mothers (Blog Post)

Catalyst staff share lessons learned from mothers and grandmothers that they've taken to heart.


MARC Networks

MARC Networks is a peer-coaching solution for supporting diversity champions and collaboration among individuals committed to inclusion.

Advancing Your Own Career

Take Charge of Your Career – 7 Tips to Negotiate Your Role (Webinar Recording)

Join this webinar to hear tips on how you can negotiate your way to a more challenging and satisfying role. 

Advancing Your Own Career

My Career Toolkit: Professional Associations and Networking Groups

Find a community of like-minded professionals that celebrates diversity and inclusion.