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Catalyst Women On Board™ is building a cadre of talented women corporate directors to solve the boardroom diversity challenge in Canada and the United States. Our exclusive cohort of mentor/sponsors understand that who you know matters enormously to a candidate’s ability to be nominated and selected. Their active sponsorship of women board candidates is essential to enabling women’s advancement to boards and to enabling companies to find and appoint strong women board candidates.



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Board Diversity

Too Few Women of Color on Boards: Statistics and Solutions (Quick Take)

Despite changing demographics, corporate boards are still appointing directors who look like the old directors.

Board Diversity

US Initiative

Find out which board candidates and mentors/sponsors are participating in Catalyst Women On Board in the US.

Catalyst Receives $1 Million Grant From Altria Group to Expand Highly Successful Catalyst Women On Board Program

Catalyst also announced nine board-ready senior executive women have been selected to participate.

Board Diversity

Catalyst Women On Board™

Catalyst Women On Board™ builds a cadre of talented women corporate directors to solve the boardroom diversity challenge.

Board Diversity

Recent Catalyst Women On Board Appointments

Find out which Catalyst Women On Board participants have been appointed to a corporate board recently.

Board Diversity

Canada Initiative

See the board candidates and mentor/sponsors participating in Catalyst Women On Board in Canada this year.

Report: 2016 Catalyst Census: Women and Men Board Directors

Find out how many women hold seats on S&P 500 boards.

Board Diversity

Catalyst Women On Board™ (Infographic)

The results are in! The Catalyst Women On Board program gets participants appointed to boards.

Board Diversity

Women On Board : Une Initiative Catalyst (Infographique)

Plus de 50 % des femmes qui ont participé à ce programme ont obtenu un siège au sein d'un conseil…

Catalyst Taps Global Leaders to Champion Board-Ready Women, Gender Diversity on U.S. Corporate Boards

Catalyst, the global expert on accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion, today announces the inaugural class of its U.S.…

Board Diversity

The Journey Toward a Board Appointment: Lessons Learned

Sandra Stuart reflects on her time with the Women On Board® mentorship program.

Board Diversity

Women On Boards Series: The Power of Being “Known”

This month, Sarah Raiss tells why networking is so important to becoming known by those who can help you get…

Board Diversity

Women On Boards Series: Get Your Board Resume the Attention It Deserves

In January we heard from Sarah Raiss about how she helped her Women On Board®mentee, Sandra Stuart, craft a more…

Advancing Your Own Career

Women On Boards Series: Make Your Board Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

Sarah tells us more of what she’s learned, and what she’s sharing with Sandra about how crucial it is to…