Catalyst research is the foundation of all our solutions for creating equitable workplaces. We examine today’s work environments and employees’ experiences in them. We track representation of women in corporate leadership and determine the root causes of gender gaps. We use fact-based, scientific methods—including longitudinal panels and large-scale field studies—to explore barriers and measure success. Whether you’re looking for numbers, ideas, or solutions, Catalyst has what you need. It’s why Catalyst is the most-trusted resource for knowledge on gender and inclusive leadership in the business.



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Virtual Roundtable Recording: Women’s Health in the Workplace: Menopause

Watch this roundtable to learn about the role of organizations in supporting those going through menopause.

Virtual Roundtable Recording: Catalyst ERG Resources Overview

Watch an overview of our ERG resources and Q&A, where Catalyst experts address questions about ERGs and how we can best support you.

Employee Resource Groups

The Need for Employee Resource Groups (Webinar Recording)

Panelists discuss how to guide leaders and members—at all levels—to plan, launch, grow, and evolve ERGs.

Employee Resource Groups

Propelling Change through DEI Measurements (Webinar Recording)

Experts will give practical advice on measuring representation, address the questions companies should be asking, and point to the leading and lagging indicators that can help evaluate progress.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Supporting Hispanic & Latinx Leaders Through ERGs (Webinar Recording)

Learn how ERGs serve as a vehicle to drive inclusion and how inclusive, authentic leadership can help members and organizations alike navigate growth.

Employee Resource Groups

Driving LGBTQ+ Inclusion During the Disruption: The Strategic Advantage of ERGs (Webinar Recording)

During this time of a global pandemic, how are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) pivoting their priorities to support not only…

Think Global. Act Local. – Asia Pacific (Webinar Recording)

This webinar will share tips and strategies used by top organizations to customize global programs to fit local needs.

Think Global. Act Local. (Webinar Recording)

This webinar shares tips and strategies used by top organizations to customize global programs to fit local needs.

Employee Resource Groups

Building Impact Across Women’s ERGs (Webinar Recording)

Listen to this webinar recording to hear strategies from innovators in leading organizations on how they are building their ERGs.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups: Building Alliances and Increasing Impact (Webinar Recording)

The webinar discussed how ERGs can collaborate with men and women allies across levels and functions to increase inclusion and impact.