Catalyst Women On Board™

Catalyst Women On Board™

What is Catalyst Women On Board™?

Catalyst Women On Board™
is an initiative that works to increase the number of women on corporate boards by implementing practical solutions to address key barriers that even the most qualified women board candidates face.

Our mentor-sponsors expanded the connections and raised the profiles of qualified board candidates, over 66% of whom were appointed to for-profit corporate boards.

With global workplace equity now more important than ever, smart organizations understand the need for boards to be representative of customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. Catalyst’s initiative enables women to advance—and companies to build—a pipeline of women, especially women of color, for governance positions.

Through the Catalyst Women On Board™ mentorship-sponsorship program, over 230 corporate board seats were secured by women. Building on the success of the initiative, Catalyst is now shifting its focus to advising, supporting, and challenging boards, with new programming.

Over the next five years Catalyst Women On Board™ will:

  • Amplify best practices to mitigate bias and promote inclusivity in boardrooms, especially on nominating committees.
  • Explore insights and actions that accelerate change and help foster a climate of inclusion for newly appointed women directors and directors of color.
  • Inspire thought leadership and influence discussions around the board diversity challenge.
  • Plan events featuring Catalyst Women on Board™ alumni, governance experts, directors, and partners.


Want to learn more? Contact Meesha Rosa, Vice President of Corporate Board Services, [email protected].



Our History



Catalyst Women On Board™ launched in Canada

Catalyst Women On Board™ launched in Canada in 2007 with five women board candidates and their mentor-sponsors.

The program was founded by Partick O’Callaghan of Patrick O’Callaghan and Associates and Carol Stephenson, former Dean of the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Korn/Ferry International Canada was also an important contributor to the early development of the program. They provided support by identifying qualified candidates and mentor-sponsors.


Catalyst acquired Catalyst Women On Board™

In 2013, Catalyst acquired Catalyst Women On Board,™ and the initiative found its permanent home in Catalyst’s Corporate Board Services.
United States

Catalyst Women On Board™ expanded to the United States

In 2015, Catalyst Women On Board™ expanded beyond Canada to launch in the United States.

Catalyst Women On Board™ concluded the mentor-sponsor program

In 2020, Catalyst Women on Board™ concluded the mentorship-sponsorship program. The program amassed an appointment rate of 66%, with over 230 companies appointing participants.



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