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Jeahnette Cavaliere

Canada Country Manager, Wells Fargo

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Jeahnette Cavaliere is a remarkable leader with a passion for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within her organization. She has been an integral part of Wells Fargo for over 20 years, consistently demonstrating her commitment to fostering an inclusive culture that values and empowers all team members. Jeahnette’s advocacy has had a direct impact on increasing the representation and advancement of women within the company. Her inspiring leadership and dedication have influenced other leaders to become DEI champions, making a lasting impact on the industry and beyond.

How She Made Change

Creating an Inclusive Culture

In 2019, Jeahnette established the Canada Women’s Connection Employee Resource Network at Wells Fargo. This groundbreaking initiative was the first of its kind in Canada for the company and has proven to be highly successful. The Women’s Connection chapter focuses on raising awareness of women-specific issues while offering mentorship and development opportunities to empower women personally and professionally. Under Jeahnette’s guidance, the network has grown to encompass more than 200 members and allies.

Jeahnette sponsored the Women’s Canada Connectivity Program, benefiting over 60 women employees through a nine-month mentorship program with senior leadership. This initiative has significantly increased women’s internal career mobility, fostering gender equity within the organization. Moreover, Jeahnette has been instrumental in organizing various engagements and events through this program, including virtual coffee chats and speed mentoring sessions across Montreal, Mississauga, and Vancouver, facilitating networking opportunities for women in the company.

Transparency and Gender Equity

Under Jeahnette’s leadership, Wells Fargo Canada introduced the Gender Equity Initiative, which mandates reporting gender metrics and including at least one candidate from an underrepresented group in interviews for job postings in Canada. This strategic move has resulted in increased representation of women and greater diversity in representation across new hires.

Jeahnette’s commitment to empowering women extends beyond her organization and into the business community. In 2022, she launched Wells Fargo’s inaugural Women’s Business Marketplace event in Toronto, celebrating 15 Canadian women-owned businesses. The event provided a platform for networking and support, fostering connections among Wells Fargo customers and local businesses. By promoting women entrepreneurs, Jeahnette continues to drive economic growth and gender equality in the business landscape.

Advocating for Underrepresented Employees

As an executive sponsor of Wells Fargo’s Corporate and Investment Bank’s Build Organizational Leadership Diversity (BOLD) program, Jeahnette is actively involved in mentoring and advocating for underrepresented team members. BOLD is a nine-month formal sponsorship program that offers development opportunities and networking across the organization to support career mobility and advancement. With Jeahnette’s support, the program has become enterprise-wide to include Canada, creating pathways for underrepresented employees to grow and succeed.

Jeahnette is committed to raising awareness and support for the Indigenous community. She emphasizes educational opportunities such as the Indigenous Canada courses through the University of Alberta and has hosted Truth and Reconciliation events for all Canada team members. Additionally, she has directed funding to Indspire, a nonprofit organization that supports Indigenous students’ post-secondary education, benefiting 28 students so far. Jeahnette’s dedication to this cause highlights her allyship and commitment to fostering positive change for marginalized communities.

As an active member of the Wells Fargo Canada Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, Jeahnette contributes to advancing the company and region’s DEI initiatives. Additionally, she serves as the executive sponsor of the Well-Being Council, advocating for employee health and well-being, which are essential components of an inclusive workplace culture.

Actions You Can Take

  1. Look at your data and assess where gaps exist so you can identify areas of focus. Data can be used as foundational information with ways to leverage it to set goals.
  2. Be transparent regarding your progress toward your DEI goals. Share successes and highlight where work still needs to be done.

Jeahnette Cavaliere’s remarkable journey as a champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion has made a profound impact on Wells Fargo Canada. Her key initiatives have resulted in tangible, measurable outcomes, increasing representation and career mobility for women within the organization. Through her influential leadership and commitment to inclusivity, she has inspired other business leaders to prioritize DEI efforts and embrace allyship, accountability, and transparency. Jeahnette’s dedication to supporting women-owned businesses and Indigenous communities further demonstrates her passion for creating a more equitable and diverse world. As a role model, she continues to lead with conviction, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps and create a culture that celebrates and values the contributions of all team members.