image of Dina Naphor

Dina Naphor

Dina Naphor was a Fellow in the Research Data and Innovation Lab. She conducted a variety of research projects using our many years of Catalyst Award data, uncovering trends in DEI work over time, strategies that have been common or most influential, and how the Award has driven impact over the years.

Dina holds an MA in Psychology from the New School and a BA in Psychology from Lafayette College. While at the New School, she conducted qualitative and quantitative research with two labs, the NSSR Mental Health Equity Lab and the NSSR Trauma & Global Mental Health Lab. Her research examined differences based on race, gender, and immigrant status on depression, race-related discrimination, and wellbeing. One example of her work was on Covid-related discrimination among Asian Americans, comparing experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants. Dina also conducted research to address racial, gender, and socioeconomic discrepancies within the New School community, looking at the impact of policies across student identity. She is fluent in both French and Indonesian.