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Bhushan Ivaturi

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Enbridge Inc.

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Bhushan Ivaturi is a long-time advocate of inclusion and diversity. As Chief Information Officer and SVP of Technology & Information Services (TIS) at Enbridge, Bhushan has guided TIS to exceed industry benchmarks for the inclusion of women across all job levels and the promotion of women into vital leadership roles. This has seen the number of women in TIS increase by 15% in senior management roles. Bhushan has elevated diversity and inclusion in TIS, building a diverse management team comprising 50% visible minorities and 25% women. Known for creating an environment that fosters open and respectful discussions about diversity and inclusion, he is an active mentor who embodies the qualities of a true inclusive leader.

How He Made Change

Bhushan has influenced fellow executives at Enbridge to advance gender representation, demonstrating to other business areas what strategies have been successful in TIS.

A highly visible and active leader, he is Executive Sponsor for FEMINEN (FEMales IN ENgineering), an employee resource group, as well as founder of Enbridge’s Women in Technology (WIT), an initiative to build a strong pipeline of women across all levels of the organization. Each year, the women selected to participate in WIT are given stretch assignments and mentors to help achieve their development objectives. Graduates have gone on to win awards and take on new responsibilities in the organization.

Bhushan instills the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the workplace, applying this philosophy to initiatives such as Enbridge’s Technology and Innovation Lab, a team who supports business areas with digital solutions to improve business productivity and performance.

Inclusive Leadership

Bhushan models the behaviours of an inclusive leader at every opportunity, leading outward to demonstrate accountabilityownership, and allyship, and creating space for his teams to learn, grow, and even make mistakes. Known for his ability to foster a respectful and open environment where teams can safely discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion, Bhushan also leads inward, demonstrating humility and courage. He is always willing to share his own personal experiences, which encourages others to do the same. He is described as a leader who inspires his teams to bring their best selves to the table, consistently giving his people the opportunity to share ideas without judgement.

About Bhushan Ivaturi

Bhushan Ivaturi joined Enbridge in 2018 as SVP and Chief Information Officer. He brought over two decades of international leadership in technology to his role, including experience shaping and leading transformation across multiple industries with diverse cultures and in different business cycles. Prior to joining Enbridge, he was Vice President and Global CIO at AP Moller Maersk, where he led and transformed global information and data, oversaw cybersecurity, improved industrial technology, and built the digital strategy.

Bhushan has a track record of raising the competitiveness, differentiation, and scalability of the business during any business cycle, and a knack for developing winning teams and talent. He currently serves as a member of the board and director for the Calgary Spark Science Center and the Technology Business Management Council.

Bhushan holds a Master of Science degree with a major in Information Systems and Operations Management, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering.