Bhushan Ivaturi

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Enbridge Inc.

Bhushan Ivaturi (Business Leader Champion) is a long-time advocate of inclusion and diversity. As Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Technology & Information Services (TIS) at Enbridge, Bhushan’s influence has resulted in TIS exceeding industry benchmarks for inclusion of women across all but one job level, including promotion of women into vital leadership roles. Bhushan launched the Women in Technology (WIT) program at Enbridge that is building a strong pipeline of talent across managerial job levels and is designed for sustainability. He is also an active sponsor for Employee Resource Groups such as FEMINEN (FEMales IN Engineering) that fosters engagement, attraction, and retention of women working in science and engineering functions at Enbridge. Bhushan has helped elevate diversity and inclusion in TIS to an all-time high, including building a management team that is 67% diverse and 100% diverse at the VP level. Known for fostering open discussions about diversity and inclusion, he is an active mentor who walks the talk of a truly inclusive leader.