Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how social identities—such as gender, race, ethnicity, social class, religion, sexual orientation, ability, and gender identity—overlap with one another and with systems of power that oppress and advantage people in the workplace and broader community. Applying this perspective to your work is critical to building a more inclusive working environment.



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Sponsorship and Mentoring

Mentorship and Sponsorship Are Keys to Unlocking the Next Generation of Talent

Catalyst Honours speakers share how companies can achieve true equity and inclusion through mentorship and sponsorship programs.


Intersectionality: Ask Catalyst Express

These resources help you learn the meaning of "intersectionality" and how to address inequities from an intersectional framework.

SOLD OUT In-Person Roundtable: Intersectionality at Work: Viewing the World Through Different Lenses

In this session, we will unpack intersectionality and focus on the actionable take-aways from Catalyst’s report, Intersectionality: When Identities Converge

Forging the Path to True Workplace Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Employees (Webinar Recording)

Speakers will share their lived experiences, teach best practices from their organization, and discuss actionable steps for LGBTQ+ progress.

Gender Bias

Europe Roundtable: Equity and Inclusion in UK Companies – Making Work Work for Women

Join us for a collaborative discussion where we encourage Supporters to share their organisation’s experiences, insight and practices.

Champions For Change

Towards a More Equitable Future (Report)

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies renewed their commitment to advancing women, particularly women of color, in the workplace in 2020.

DEI 101

Intersectionality: When Identities Converge (Report)

An intersectional framework can be foundational to a more inclusive working environment. Learn what intersectionality is and is not.

Inclusive Communications

Barclays – How Barclays is Creating an Inclusive Workplace (Practices)

Learn about Barclays' history of diversity and inclusion and how they continue to excel on that journey.


Chevron Australia – PRIDE: LGBT Inclusion, Intersectionality, and Collaborative Partnerships (Practices)

PRIDE, Chevron's LGBT employee network, was developed as a grassroots employee effort. The group has evolved over its more than…

Women of Color

Women of Color in Accounting (Report)

This report benchmarks the experiences of women of color against other demographic groups in accounting.

Catalyst Award Winner

PepsiCo, Inc. – Women of Color Multicultural Alliance (Practices)

PepsiCo is firmly committed to leveraging the diversity of perspectives that its talented associates bring to the company and to…