Champions For Change

The numbers show that Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies are outpacing their global peers in advancing women. Explore these resources and tools for insights into how you can be a champion at your own organization.

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Champions For Change

Global CEOs Who Pledged to Advance Women Are Making Progress

NEW YORK (December 10, 2019)–The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, who took a pledge to advance more women, including women…

Champions For Change

Report: Progress in Action: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change

Champion companies had a higher percentage of women in leadership positions at every level compared to their global peers. Read…


Report: Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership

A new study by Catalyst uncovers the role managers play in creating inclusive workplaces and highlights the elements of inclusive…

Bank of America: Investing in the Organization’s Women and Investing in the Future

Bank of America's chief executives explain BoA's "Investing in Women" initiative.

Dentons: The Big Inclusion Project

The world's largest law firm is diverse by design and creates a hyper-local impact across the globe.

DSM: Challenging the Notion That Great Minds Should Think Alike

Learn how DSM is Doing Something Meaningful about diversity and inclusion at their company.

Champions For Change

50+ CEOs Outpace Their Global Peers in Advancing Women for Second Consecutive Year

Catalyst CEO Champions prove that commitment that leads to action can effect change.

Champions For Change

2018 Report: Inclusion in Action: The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change

Catalyst CEO Champions For Change companies are outpacing their global peers in advancing women.

Champions For Change

Infographique: 10 actions pour faire une place aux femmes, au travail

Construisons-nous un avenir où 100 % des talents sont utilisés, 100 % du temps.

Talent Management Practices

Infographic: 10 Actions to Build Workplaces That Work for Women

Change happens every day, in every meeting, in every organization. Find out how you can lead it.

Champions For Change

2017 Report: Everyday Heroes: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change

These companies are pledging to make positive change happen for women and actually sharing their data.

Report: Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs

What Can Managers and Employees Do to Reap the Mutual Benefits of Role Negotiation?

Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Report: Emotional Tax: How Black Women and Men Pay More at Work and How Leaders Can Take Action

Emotional Tax is the experience of being different from peers because of your gender/race/ethnicity and the associated detrimental effects Read…