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Inclusive Leadership

Is DEI authentic? Caroline Wanga says we need a reframe.

"Our authentic self feeds our career, workplace, and interpersonal relationships. That is non-negotiable."

Inclusive Leadership

What’s Really Causing the DEI Backlash — And How to Fix It

Why do some people misunderstand diversity, equity, and inclusion and falsely assert that it leads to discrimination, exclusion, and indoctrination?

Video: Dr. Claudia Goldin Talks Childcare and Greedy Jobs

Heather Foust-Cummings, Chief Research & Development Officer talks to lauded labor economist and 2023 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Dr. Claudia Goldin about her research and the significant impact childcare challenges have on women in the workplace.

Multigenerational Workplace

7 Lessons From 4 Generations on Working Together (Blog Post)

A Baby Boomer, a Gen Xer, a Millennial, and a Gen Zer discuss leveraging differences to work better together.


Gender Partnership Can Change Workplaces, Industries, and the World. Just Ask Mike Wirth of Chevron. (Video)

At the 2024 Catalyst Awards, Mike Wirth, CEO of Chevron, spoke about gender partnership and the MARC by Catalyst initiative.

Employee Resource Groups

How to Maximize the Potential of Your ERGs

Dow Chemical’s Shruti Bahadur and Tiffany D. Torain share insights on maximizing your ERG's potential.

Gender Bias

Here’s What Hillary Rodham Clinton Told the Catalyst Community About Gender Parity

The trailblazing former secretary of state, senator, and first lady offered practical advice on how to challenge systemic barriers.

Gender Pay Gap

Unlock Equity for Women of Color: 5 Strategies from Google

The gender pay gap (the difference between the earnings for men and women) for women of color is a serious…


Video: Beyond Allyship, Stories of Impact From MARC Alums

Catalyst's Julie Nugent with Karl Preissner of P&G and Gavin Kimmel of Chevron at the Catalyst Awards.

Catalyst Award Winner

Five Key Takeaways From the 2024 Catalyst Award-Winning Initiatives

This year’s winners, Sephora and Zoetis, shared five ways any company can accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Career Advancement

3 Career Lessons from Melonie Parker, Chief Diversity Officer, Google

Hear Melonie Parker's insights from a storied career and a legacy of change in the world of work.

Women CEOs

Breaking Down Barriers for Women of Color

A conversation with Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President, Ariel Investments

Catalyst Awards

The 2024 Catalyst Awards: The Catalyst Effect in Action

On 12 March, over 2,000 people gathered in midtown Manhattan and online for the 2024 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner.