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Vital Signs: How They Can Lead to Change in Your Organization

Vital Signs is a Catalyst member service that will accelerate progress toward closing gender gaps in your workforce. Like a temperature check or a blood test, workforce statistics are key indicators of your workplace health; however, understanding your workforce and what’s hampering gender diversity progress isn’t easy. Vital Signs aims to unpack a complicated topic—workforce data and diagnosis—shifting the conversation from pure numbers to the deep insights and critical questions that drive change. Created not just for metrics experts, but for everyone, it will help companies eager to move quickly from awareness to action. 

This introductory document describes the philosophy behind the Vital Signs approach and also what you can expect from the service over time, including:

  • How to use your data to test assumptions about the gender leadership gap.

  • How to identify the best metrics to track—including definitions, visuals, and ways of putting it all together.

  • How to determine what ”good” looks like for your organization.

  • Important questions to ask senior leaders, managers, and others—that don’t necessarily require lots of data, but do require thinking critically about inclusive talent practices and decisions.