image of Troy Roderick

Troy Roderick

Troy Roderick specialised in Diversity & Inclusion for over 20 years. As Catalyst Australia’s Executive Ambassador, Troy provided leadership and support to Catalyst supporter companies in Australia committed to more inclusive cultures. In this role he frequently spoke to corporate and public audiences on topics including women’s leadership and advancement, flexibility, inclusive leadership and engaging men.

In addition to his role at Catalyst, Troy has worked at Telstra since 2007, and led Telstra’s Diversity & Inclusion function with reach into customer, community and HR practice. He is a member of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Working Group on Cultural Diversity & Inclusive Leadership, and was the global Expert Community of Catalyst’s Research Centre for Corporate Practice. Troy is also an active White Ribbon Ambassador as part of Australia’s campaign to end men’s violence against women.

Prior to joining Telstra, Troy held senior roles in corporate and organizational development in legal and regulatory, transport, retail, environment, local government and human services organizations, working mainly in D&I, but also corporate planning, public sector ethics, learning and development, and corporate performance reporting.

In October 2015, Troy was recognised in the “Top 50 diversity professionals in industry” in the inaugural Global Diversity List, supported by The Economist. Troy’s work was also recognised when Telstra’s initiative, Next Generation Gender Diversity: Accelerating Change For Women Leaders won the 2010 Catalyst Award. In addition, he has received the 2011 Australian HR Award for Best Workplace Diversity Strategy, 2012 Australian HR Institute Awards for Gender Equity and HR Champion, and the 2105 Australian HR Institute Awards for Flexibility and Inclusive Workplace.