Catalyst Staff
image of Tomi Isaacs

Tomi Isaacs

Senior Director, UK Corporate Engagement

As a Senior Director in Catalyst’s EMEA office, Tomi Isaacs is focused on managing partnerships with UK Headquartered Supporters, helping to ensure they’re equipped with the most impactful research, toolkits and advisory services to achieve greater workplace inclusion. Tomi spends her time developing Catalyst’s presence in the UK and working with leading global organisations and other partners to promote diverse work environments.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Tomi was a Programme and Team Lead at Moving Ahead, managing cross-company mentoring programmes for the US 30% Club Chapter and the Mexico 30% Club Chapter – both initiatives set up to improve workplace inclusion and accelerate female talent up to board level roles. Tomi was also a Global Account Director at WPP within Team P&G and worked in communications, strategy and business development functions across the WPP Group for over 10 years.

Tomi has a BA in History & Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London, and enjoys working with Supporters in service of their unique transition towards greater inclusion and representation throughout their organisations.