image of Sylvia Chrominska

Sylvia Chrominska

2010 Human Resources/Diversity Leader Champion

Group Head, Global Human Resources and Communications, Scotiabank

As Group Head, Global Human Resources and Communications, at ScotiabankSylvia Chrominska has been instrumental in championing a diversity and inclusion strategy that has shaped Scotiabank’s ability to attract and retain employees with varied skills, abilities, experiences, and backgrounds. The result is an organization that draws on the skills of all employees, generating more innovative thinking and stronger business results.

“I am deeply honoured by this recognition, and I am hopeful for the day when we no longer need champions to advance the interests of women in business or in broader society,” says Sylvia Chrominska. “I believe very strongly in the need for continued vigilance in order to make progress. And, I also believe strongly in the benefits of achieving progress. I am continually impressed by the women I meet and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with many of them as they explored their interests and potential. It is gratifying to see them succeed.”

When she assumed the leadership of Scotiabank’s Human Resources department, Ms. Chrominska recognized the diversity that already existed at Scotiabank and had the foresight to develop inclusion strategies that would build upon the bank’s strength. With the support of the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the executive team, she used her influence to bring people together across the organization to establish a working environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and accessible for all employees.

An avid mentor, champion, and founder of Scotiabank’s Advancement of Women (AoW) strategy, Ms. Chrominska has overseen significant progress in this area. Her innovation and dedication have led to managerial accountability for hiring and promoting women at senior levels. She helps Scotiabank operations in other countries adapt and implement AoW in their local areas. As a direct result of her efforts, many women have access to development opportunities, have gained visibility with executives, and have had the opportunity to succeed. The bank documented its progress in Unlocking Potential, Delivering Results: The Advancement of Women (AoW) Initiative, a demonstration of its commitment and actions. This initiative to advance women was a 2007 winner of the Catalyst Award.