Catalyst Staff
image of Olachi Iwuchukwu

Olachi Iwuchukwu

Revenue Operations Coordinator

As the Revenue Operations Coordinator, Olachi is responsible for supporting fee-for-service opportunities on the Program Operations team. Olachi contracts with external clients, managing incoming and outgoing invoices, supporting implementation of fee-for-service programming, and ensuring that all related operational data is accurate and up to date.

Olachi has over five years of experience bridging gaps between the public and the organizations that she represents. From commercial property management to tech media, Olachi has gotten to be a part of bigger missions; now she gets to align with Catalyst to truly make a difference in the communities that we exist in with intentional collaboration.

Olachi is passionate about improving the way we function as a society by remaining focused on the human experience and using that to affirm the importance of every person’s contribution, despite societal constraints.