image of Nalo Zidan

Nalo Zidan

Founder, #BlackGirlMasculine

Nalo A. K. Zidan is a Queer Black writer, organizer, and Trans-Masculinist whose work pushes at the normative boundaries of gender and sexuality. While completing her degree in Women’s & Gender Studies at Louisiana State University, Zidan founded BlackGirlMasculine, a non-profit organization created to reimagine and complicate conversations around nuanced masculinities. For over six years, Zidan has been a noteworthy contributor to academic and corporate dialogue on shaping safety in the workplace, LGBTQ+ rights, and building accountable masculinities. Along with being a 2019 TEDxLSU speaker, Zidan was a 2020 Masse/Remillard Gender & Sexuality Award recipient for her groundbreaking work on de-gendering masculinities in the human body. When she isn’t expanding scholarship, Zidan shares most of her time with her partner and baby turtle Nalito in Detroit, Michigan.