Catalyst Staff
image of Lucy Kallin

Lucy Kallin

Executive Director, EMEA

As the Executive Director of EMEA, Lucy is accountable for growing Catalyst’s brand and visibility in Europe and ensuring the delivery of high-quality engagement and service to a wide range of Europe constituencies, including corporate and professional organizations, their CEOs, senior leaders and teams, the media, government, and other influencers and stakeholders. In addition, Lucy will plan and execute strategies to gain sponsorship and support for events and other programs, including the flagship annual fundraiser Catalyst Awards and any local events in the region.

Lucy Kallin is a highly skilled professional with over 15 years of experience within commercial, strategic, and people-focused roles, working closely with senior executives across private, public, and third sector businesses. In recent years Lucy has dedicated her work and passion to DEI, helping organizations achieve inclusive leadership through various mediums. She is skilled in helping organizations develop practical initiatives that improve performance and advance existing ESG initiatives. Lucy has been recently featured in Forbes, Banking Sector, Marketing Magazine, and Raconteur, sharing her thought leadership.

Lucy’s career includes working for large FTSE 100 organizations in telecoms and IT, research, and consultancy firms. In recent years, Lucy has specialized in helping organizations strengthen DEI initiatives to celebrate the importance and benefit of difference, whilst assessing the needs of different communities within the workplace with the goal of creating an environment where people can thrive.

Lucy is actively involved in education, working as a trustee for a UK independent school as well as volunteering as an advisor for small women-led businesses in Africa. In her spare time, Lucy is an avid reader with a particular passion for translated books. She also enjoys yoga and walking in the countryside.