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Erin Davis

2018 Catalyst Canada Honours Emerging Leader Champion

Director, Global Talent Engagement, Stantec Consulting

After joining Stantec in Strategic Planning in 2014, Erin moved to her current role of Director, Global Talent Engagement in 2017. Erin is responsible for diversity and inclusion (D&I), with an objective of creating a culture of inclusion that encourages employees to share their perspectives and be appreciated for all aspects of their diversity in the workplace. Erin has always been passionate about D&I, and has long been a champion inside and outside of Stantec. Her thought leadership has had a clear positive impact on Stantec’s workplace culture.

How She Made Change

Erin was a key leader in growing the first formal employee resource group (ERG) at Stantec, Women@Stantec. Since then, she has helped develop an additional 35 ERGs. Before Erin’s direction, Erin also helped the existing ad hoc women’s group create a more formal organizational structure and put a strategic vision and business plan in place that has served as a blueprint for all subsequent ERGs. Erin works collaboratively with group members to ensure they retain ownership of their ERG and its direction.

Erin also works closely with leaders and employees to share their stories in blogs, articles, and at meetings. She implemented a very powerful practice where Women@Stantec panels are held at sites that host board meetings. During the panels, board members can share with Stantec employees the lessons they’ve learned during their careers and discuss their belief that D&I is important for business success. The sessions have increased employee engagement.

Erin’s passion for D&I is evident in all areas of her life. She uses her influence and enthusiasm to make a difference within her community. She is a founding member of Works for Women, a group that is committed to making Alberta a better place for women to lead. Works for Women leverages resources, experts, and a supportive community to accelerate progress for women in the workplace. The network grows monthly through targeted challenges designed to spark dialogue, build awareness, and inspire action. Erin also reaches the larger community by writing op-eds in The Globe and Mail about D&I.

Inclusive Leadership: Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility

Erin demonstrates all four behaviours in the EACH model, but two, in particular, highlight her commitment to D&I. Erin empowers by providing a safe, bias-free space in which others are able to create impact. By leading the development of ERGs at Stantec, Erin has allowed hundreds of other employees the ability to bring their whole selves to work, creating a culture of inclusion. Erin also shows great courage. She has challenged the status quo in a male-dominated industry by working directly with the Board of Directors and CEO.

About Erin Davis

After several years of working in Strategic Planning, Erin moved into the role of Director, Global Total Engagement at Stantec, a global professional services firm in the design and consulting industry. Drawing on her strategic planning background and passion for building inclusive work cultures, she has successfully driven change across the organization. This work includes helping develop the first women-focused employee resource group, mentoring other employee resource groups across the organization and supporting grassroots initiatives such as celebrating International Women’s Day for the first time in the organization’s history. Outside of Stantec, Erin serves as a board member with the Edmonton Business Diversity Network, Citie Ballet, and is a founding member of Works for Women, a group that is committed to making Alberta a better place for women to work.

Being a connector and change agent, she is also a founder and creator of The Confidence Retreat, which brought a group of successful women together to talk about career strategies and help them think outside their comfort zones. Erin is originally from Edmonton, where she is a wife and proud mother of two amazing children. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Statistics from the University of Alberta and completed the Executive Program from the Alberta School of Business from the same institution.

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