Eguono Onoyovwi Omotayo

Director of Product, Enterprise CRM, CIBC

Eguono Onoyovwi Omotayo (Emerging Leader Champion) is a visionary leader who inspires others with her passion and commitment to building inclusive and purpose-driven teams. Eguono holds both engineering and MBA degrees and applies her expertise as Director of Product, Enterprise Client Relationship Manager (ECRM) at CIBC. As a Black woman in STEM, she is acutely aware of the power of representation and early mentorship and promotes inclusive talent practices in the workplace. Eguono was a featured speaker at the 2018 Move the Dial Global Summit, which promotes women in technology; founded TEO Consulting, a career coaching company; and was a volunteer mentor for RYFC and RISE, organizations that support youth in their careers and business startups. Eguono is married with a three-year-old and enjoys family time above all else.