image of David Lau

David Lau

Director, Global Practices & Catalyst Award Co-Chair

David joined Catalyst Canada in 2009. He led the development of global practices, a key resource for Catalyst Supporter Organizations. David was also a Co-Chair of the Catalyst Award, Catalyst’s global recognition program honoring innovative organizational initiatives to help accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion.

He has delivered presentations on a range of topics including inclusive leadership, LGBTQI issues in the workplace, unconscious bias, and engaging men as champions of inclusion.

David holds an MSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics. He also holds an Honours BA in Sociology and Sexual Diversity Studies and an Honours BSc in Zoology and East Asian Studies, both from the University of Toronto.

Currently based in Toronto, David has also lived in Sydney, Australia and London, UK. He is an avid traveler who enjoys the challenge of learning new languages and can speak English, French, Spanish, German, and Cantonese.