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Bobby Gale

Director, Analytical and Data Platforms, Loblaw Companies Ltd.

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Bobby Gale is a trailblazing leader who is making a significant impact at their organization and in the broader community. Throughout their over 17 years at Loblaw, Bobby has been an advocate for gender-inclusive practices, LGBTQ2SIA+ inclusion, and mental and physical inclusivity. Their journey exemplifies the transformative power of inclusive leadership in creating a positive and accepting work environment.

How They Made Change

Education and Advocacy

Bobby has been a driving force in Loblaw’s DEI Proud Pillar, advocating for the LGBTQ2SIA+ community’s voice. Following their coming out as non-binary in 2017, they focused on raising awareness and educating colleagues about the importance of gender-inclusive bathrooms, leading to Loblaw implementing gender-neutral washrooms in every office. Bobby also co-launched the Proud to be Me Podcast, Spectacular! to educate colleagues on queer topics. This podcast fostered authentic conversations, with episodes receiving upwards of 1,500 views and garnering positive feedback from colleagues.

Bobby encourages the use of pronouns in conversations and email signatures, promoting a more gender-inclusive work environment. Their advocacy for pronoun inclusion extended to frontline, in-store colleague name tags, reinforcing Loblaw’s commitment to gender inclusion.

In addition, Bobby actively shares their personal journey and experiences, contributing to panels across Loblaw, from stores to offices, to educate and inspire others. They volunteer their time at internal conferences, setting up education booths to engage colleagues in conversations about diversity and inclusion. Bobby acts as an informal resource for DEI education and allyship, mentoring colleagues to foster a more inclusive environment.

Dual Perspective and Impact

Bobby’s unique perspective of working in frontline and office roles at the same company provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities employees face in different work environments. This dual perspective enables them to empathize with colleagues at all levels and advocate for initiatives that address the diverse needs of Loblaw’s workforce.

Bobby’s leadership style is characterized by leading by example and creating an environment that fosters growth and authenticity. They actively champion diversity and equity within their team, ensuring a diverse representation and using inclusive language in job postings. Bobby’s influence extends beyond their team, as they actively engage in mentoring and encouraging others to become champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of the organization.

Allyship and Courage

Bobby actively volunteers with the Loblaw Able pillar, and co-leads the Loblaw Technology & Analytics committee, LTA-ble, which advocates for mental and physical inclusivity at the workplace, highlighting the unique perspective of intersecting identities, such as LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals who identify as having a disability.

As an ally, Bobby amplifies marginalized voices and creates space for others to share their perspectives. Their courage in coming out as genderfluid and advocating for gender-inclusive practices helped pave the way for positive change within the organization.

Actions You Can Take

  1. Advocate for gender-inclusive programs and practices at your organization and seek out ways to ensure your colleagues feel safe and can be themselves.
  2. Be an active ally. Seek out opportunities to listen and learn from the experiences of people different from you. This includes educating yourself and finding quality learning resources.

Bobby Gale’s leadership at Loblaw showcases a remarkable dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their commitment to driving change through education, advocacy, and modeling inclusive behaviors has resulted in tangible and measurable outcomes. Bobby’s efforts have made Loblaw a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all employees, from the frontline to executives.