image of Azaleah Peterson

Azaleah Peterson

Azaleah Peterson served as the Associate for Corporate Board Services at Catalyst and managed the Catalyst Women On Board™ initiative. Additionally, she supported donor stewardship and participated in the Expanding Dialogues committee, which created internal opportunities for learning, collaboration, and conversations on race and ethnicity within Catalyst.

Azaleah gratefully owes her professional origins to nonprofit organizations in New York City and her East Harlem neighborhood. She began exercising her passion for social impact during high school as a community organizer with Girls for Gender Equity. She graduated from St. John’s University with a bachelor of science in communications and a minor in business and social Justice. During her college career, she served as the community service chair for the collegiate NAACP chapter. Prior to joining Catalyst, Azaleah interned with ViacomCBS and worked on its corporate communications and social responsibility initiatives.

Azaleah is accredited as an emotional intelligence practitioner and is currently pursuing certification in positive psychology coaching. She lends her empathy and active listening strengths as a volunteer counselor at Crisis Text Line.

When Azaleah isn’t in the workplace she invests her time cooking, practicing yoga, and writing for her blog. Her mission is to advocate for a more harmonious society by creating remarkable environments and experiences.