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Anna Beninger

Anna Beninger led the Catalyst Expert Community, a group of global business leaders from over 20 organizations committed to making change for women and other diverse groups in their workplaces through collaboration and continuous learning. In addition, Ms. Beninger provided strategic thought partnership in the development and launch of a five-year major gifts campaign.

Ms. Beninger has a background in research and deep expertise across all content areas in diversity and inclusion. Prior to this role, she spent seven years in the Research Department at Catalyst and was also a Research Associate at the Harvard Business School.

Ms. Beninger earned her MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology from the London School of Economics on a U.S. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Her dissertation, “Women in Academia: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Work/Life Balance,” evaluated the role of institutional and governmental policies, as well as culture, on women’s ability to find work/life effectiveness in Sweden, Australia, the UK, and the US. Ms. Beninger graduated summa cum laude from Claremont McKenna College with a BA in Psychology.

Anna's Latest Work

Career Advancement

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Recruitment and Retention

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Recruitment and Retention

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Recruitment and Retention

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This report examines the impact of leadership development—both formal programs and on-the-job experiences—on high potentials' career advancement.