Anika K. Warren, PhD

Anika Warren, PhD, worked in finance at Gap Inc. and The Charles Schwab Corporation and was involved in recruitment and career development efforts at both corporations. She received her BBA in Finance from Howard University and earned her MA and MEd in Psychological Counseling at Columbia University, focusing on organizational, multicultural, and school psychology. She completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Boston College.

Anika K.'s Latest Work

Advancing Your Own Career

Career Pathways 1: Assessing Your Career Advancement Strategies (Tool)

This first tool provides interactive self-assessments designed to help you develop a greater understanding of your current career advancement strategies.

Advancing Your Own Career

Career Pathways 2: Building Workplace Relationship Self-Awareness (Tool)

This second tool provides interactive self-assessments to help you gain a better understanding of how key workplace relationships and interactions can benefit your career. 

Advancing Your Own Career

Career Pathways 3: Applying Proven Career Advancement Techniques (Tool)

This third tool in the Career Pathways Toolkit includes self-guided activities designed to help you develop or redesign your career advancement action plan.

Recruitment and Retention

Checking the Pulse of Women in Bioscience: What Organizations Need to Know (Report)

Most organizations in bioscience are not maximizing their talent pool.

Beyond Generational Differences: Bridging Gender and Generational Diversity at Work (Report)

As a result of demographic shifts, technologies, and focus on team-based approaches, generational diversity has become salient in many organizations.


Building LGBT-Inclusive Workplaces: Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Change (Report)

Read this report to examine the workplace experiences of LGBT employees working in Canada.


Supporting LGBT Inclusion: A How-To Guide for Organizations and Individuals (Tool)

This guide is designed to support those who are ready to develop successful LGBT initiatives.

Recruitment and Retention

Talent Management Evaluation Toolkit: Assessing Systems for Gender Biases (Tool)

This tool will help you find areas for improvement in your talent management systems.

Recruitment and Retention

Cascading Gender Biases, Compounding Effects: An Assessment of Talent Management Systems (Report)

As companies strive to tackle the shortage of executive talent, maximize human capital with fewer resources, and maintain business success,…