Catalyst Staff
image of Angie Silverio

Angie Silverio

Senior Associate, Events Operations

Angie Silverio is responsible for assisting with the planning and execution of signature Catalyst Events and acts as the project manager for all webinars hosted by the events team. In addition to collaborating on virtual and in-person events, Angie works closely with the Finance and Legal Departments to manage vendor relationships from introduction to execution of services.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Angie worked as a Senior Associate at a nonprofit focused on creating peer groups for Fortune1000 leaders to brainstorm on major social issues and how to utilize their role to make an impact in their communities. In similar roles, Angie also worked at the GVC Chamber of Commerce as an operations manager and the Brooklyn Navy Yard in workforce development.

Angie holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from The City College of New York and a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising from Northeastern University.

Angie lives in New York City and travels back and forth between New York and the Dominican Republic, her homeland. In her spare time, Angie loves reading, outdoor activities, exploring dessert shops in the city, and dancing.