#BiasCorrect Plug-in

Thanks for adding the #BiasCorrect Plug-In to your Slack organization!

Now that the plug-in is active across your workspace, you’ll just need to add it to the specific channels you’d like to use it in.

Adding the plug-in to channels

  1. To activate the plug-in in a specific Slack channel in your organization, click that channel’s Conversation Settings icon  and select “Add an app” from the pull-down menu:
    Image of the Slack app, with "Conversation Settings" open and "Add App" selected.
  2. Type “BiasCorrect” in the search bar and select the #BiasCorrect Plug-In from the results:
    Image of the Slack app's "App Directory" list showing the #BiasCorrect plug-in.
  3. If successful, the following welcome message will be displayed to all members of the channel:
    Image of Slack App with a welcome message from the #BiasCorrect plug-in once it has successfully been added to a Slack channel.
  4. Channel members will need to select “Authorize” in order to engage with the plug-in.

Using the plug-in

  1. The #BiasCorrect Plug-In will now analyze all messages to identify unconscious gender bias. If bias is detected, the plug-in will privately suggest a bias-free alternative message to the user, as in the example below:
    Image of the Slack app with the #BiasCorrect plug-in actively working.
  2. Clicking “Bias Correct” will replace the original message with the suggestion provided by the plug-in:
    Image showing a conversation in Slack with a message that has been edited by the #BiasCorrect plug-in.
  3. Clicking “Ignore” dismisses the private suggestion dialogue, leaving the original message unchanged:
    Image showing how to ignore or decline the corrective suggestion that the #BiasCorrect plug-in gives in the Slack app.
  4. Clicking “Learn More” offers the user more context on the suggested correction:
    Image of the "Learn More" option in the #BiasCorrect Slack plug-in that explains why the plug-in made the suggestion it made.


If you have any questions, feedback, or issues using the #BiasCorrect Plug-In, send an email to [email protected].

Learn More

Learn more about how this issue impacts women in the workplace and find other tools to become a catalyst for change at catalyst.org/biascorrect.