2022 Catalyst Awards: Resources

This year’s Catalyst Awards theme—The Great Reimagining: Making Work Work for Women—urges leaders to build new, transformed workplaces with women first in mind. As we celebrate Catalyst’s sixtieth anniversary, Catalyst’s Great Reimagining is focusing on the four areas below. We have exclusively curated content for early Catalyst Awards registrants:

Reimagining the Workplace

10 Models of Workplace Flexibility (Infographic)
Remote-Work Options Can Boost Productivity and Curb Burnout (Report)
Addressing the Great Resignation; Redefining the Workplace (Roundtable Recording)

Reimagining Leadership

Lead Outward and Lead Inward to Build an Inclusive Workplace (Infographic)
The Power of Empathy in Times of Crisis and Beyond (Report)
Are You an Empathic Leader? (Quiz)

Reimagining Equity

Prioritizing Equity at a Pivotal Moment (Report)
Intersectionality: When Identities Converge (Report)
CatalystX Discussion Facilitation Guide – Facing Racism and Emotional Tax in the Workplace (Tool)

Reimagining Accountability

Overcoming Conversation Roadblocks (Knowledge Burst)
How to Hold Your Organization Accountable to DEI Goals (Tool)
Benchmarking (Ask Catalyst Express)

Some of this content is available to employees of Catalyst Supporters only. If you are an employee of a Catalyst Supporter, please make sure you registered and logged in using your work email address. For questions, please contact [email protected].