Consulting Services

Turn Diversity Into a Sustainable Business Advantage

Catalyst consultants partner with your organization to: 

  • Engage leaders  
  • Develop strategy  
  • Design breakthrough solutions 

No matter where you are in your D&I journey, let our consultants be your catalyst! 
As part of Catalyst’s comprehensive suite of services, our consultants collaborate with you to strategically pinpoint specific business opportunities that leverage your diverse workforce, strengthen workplace inclusion, and increase your capacity for innovation. Our expertise in inclusive leadership, organizational effectiveness, and culture change will guide your efforts by identifying and conquering the factors that prevent your organization from achieving its business goals.

Are You Ready for Demonstrated Impact?

Our mission-driven, collaborative approach will help you achieve sustainable and measurable impact. Catalyst’s range of experience and research related to gender, race, and ethnicity assures you will receive customized guidance that will help you create a workplace inclusive of all groups. Our unique, proven model helps clients:

  • Gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Improve the recruitment, development, and advancement of diverse talent.
  • Create a more inclusive workplace for all.
  • Lead a more effective, innovative, and socially responsible enterprise. 

We partner to:

Executive Sessions
  • We facilitate engaging, often courageous, conversations with executives in a variety of formats to increase their awareness of diversity issues and demonstrate the impact they can have as diversity champions.
  • Our Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership executive session helps leaders discover the talent they’re overlooking because of implicit bias and understand the business impact of intentional inclusion.
  • At the end of a constructive and non-blaming session, leaders will commit to actions and behaviors that make a difference. 
Diagnostics and Strategic Planning
  • Using our exclusive Vital Signs approach to assess the health of your organization, we help you diagnose and analyze your workforce data through an inclusion lens.
  • Our surveys are designed to quantitatively measure the drivers, indicators, outcomes, and barriers to inclusion.
  • With qualitative data collected through interviews with senior leaders, exit interviews, and focus groups, we identify the underlying issues that affect talent, employee engagement, and business performance.
  • This process yields prioritized, business-aligned areas of strategic focus and initial action steps so that your organization has a clear sense of strategy, change drivers, and metrics. 
Implementation Advice and Program Design Workshops
  • Learn how to best implement your strategies and achieve your goals through focused consultation sessions or more in-depth program design workshops.
  • With our expert knowledge including lessons learned from other successful companies, we act as a sounding board, identify critical success factors, share practices, and guide you through key decisions.  


Areas of Expertise

► Accountability, Goals, and Metrics 

► Inclusive Leadership 

► Business Case Development and Change Rationale 

► Sponsorship and Mentoring Initiatives 

► Diagnostics and Strategy Development 


► Diversity and Inclusion Governance/Councils 

► Team Effectiveness and Performance

► Employee Resource Groups

► Talent Management Processes

► Gender, Race, Ethnicity

► Unconscious Bias

► Innovation 

► Work-Life Effectiveness/Flexibility


Catalyst is a valuable thought partner for Covidien. Its expertise ranges from business-aligned strategy development to guidance on implementation efforts such as infrastructure, councils, accountability and metrics needed to bring strategy to life. Catalyst's guidance has helped to strengthen our capabilities, which, in turn, will assist us in achieving our goals.
— Joe Almeida, President, CEO, Covidien plc

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