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Strategy Matters: Evaluating Company Approaches for Creating Inclusive Workplaces

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Strategy Matters: Evaluating Company Approaches for Creating Inclusive Workplaces synthesizes the latest thinking about the critical success factors and activities for managing change from research, D&I and management consulting practices, Catalyst Consulting Services,  and assessments of Catalyst Award-winning culture change initiatives. In addition, Catalyst surveyed D&I strategists at 43 companies to learn about approaches to managing change and to evaluate organizational performance against factors identified by experts as critical to the success of change initiatives.

Report findings revealed: 

  • Leadership, systemic integration, change commitment, job-level impact, and behavioral support were identified as critical factors for driving D&I change initiatives.
  • Preliminary evidence that companies performing relatively well on most of these factors had a higher representation of women than other companies.
  • It takes considerable time to achieve D&I goals, but that those organizations that persist in taking a strategic approach grounded in change management principles can achieve success.

Executive Circle: Fannie Mae
Mentor Circle: Japan Women's Innovative Network (J-Win)