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Founded in 2011, Catalyst India WRC is committed to asking the critical questions and providing the knowledge and action steps that will enable India Inc. to deliberately make and accelerate change. 

India Inc. is not just India’s booming corporate and government sector, but also an area of tremendous opportunity for Indian women and business. It is also a place where organizations thrive on growth and innovation even as they are challenged by the talent crunch: 67 percent of Indian employers are struggling to fill jobs, and finding and keeping top talent is a key concern. One solution to this predicament: educated and ambitious Indian women. Women currently make up only 23 percent of the Indian private sector labor force, which suggests a huge potential for growth. 

This unique window of opportunity is prompting the key stakeholders and decision-makers of India Inc.—the majority of whom are men—to set in motion processes and programs that bring more women into the workforce and create a flexible and inclusive workplace. Companies and leaders who value all dimensions of diversity, including diversity of thought, are well suited to succeed in a globalized marketplace defined by evolving client expectations. With strategic and culturally relevant initiatives prime for implementation, India Inc. is poised to benefit enormously from these transformations.

India Inc. requires workplaces where women feel welcomed, have access to opportunities and rewards, and receive the support they need to effectively navigate multiple stress points in their life-career cycle. The country’s long-term economic health depends on its investment in and promotion of talented women. Catalyst India WRC is currently convening learning communities, made up of Catalyst members and individuals interested in diversity and inclusion leadership in India. Using our proprietary research and global community of staff, members, and the Catalyst India Advisory Board, we are a catalyst for current and future leaders in India.