Although Australia prides itself on being a land of equality with a “fair go” for all, there are still inequalities in employment. Australian women earn 17.5% less than their male counterparts. Gender pay discrimination begins early with salaries of women graduates only 90.9% of men’s. At the board level, only 16.4% of ASX200 board seats are held by women. 

Catalyst Australia Women Research and Consulting Limited provides a research-based approach to the issues facing women and business in Australia. Australia is uniquely positioned for increasing gender representation in the workplace because of a variety of government initiatives and the information, resources, and tools available from the Australian government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). WGEA is a Catalyst Census partner, and the co-branded annual Australian Census of Women in Leadership tracks the advancement of Australia’s women in the workplace. In addition, Catalyst and the Diversity Council Australia have shared knowledge in the area of supporting women at work.

By providing the full spectrum of Catalyst research, tools, practices, and innovative solutions, Catalyst Australia will empower companies, firms, business schools, and associations with the resources needed to become diverse and inclusive organizations.

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At the annual Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner, we recognize innovative organizational initiatives that address the recruitment, development, and advancement of all women, including diverse women. Initiatives from two Australian companies have already received the Catalyst Award

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In the News

Gender diversity needs a mixed team playing on a united front. April 25, 2015, The Australian, by Sonia McDonald.

Talking Point: Business works better with women on board. July 15, 2015, The Mercury, by Lindy O’Neill.

ANZ’s New Measures Against Gender Inequality - What It All Means for Investors (Not Just Women). July 29, 2015, Money Morning, by Eva Mellors.

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Founded in 2013, Catalyst Australia has a deep understanding of the issues women face in the workplace and is at the forefront of research, practices, and trends related to gender diversity in Australian organizations.