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Advancing Latinas in the Workplace: What Managers Need to Know

Many companies, particularly those on the West Coast, have expressed great interest in knowing more about the Latina workforce. In response to this need, Catalyst presents this report on Latinas in corporate management and the strategies companies and managers need to take advantage of this information. This knowledge about Latinas, as well as recommended action steps, will help companies and managers recruit, retain, and advance this important segment of the workforce.

There is great diversity among Latinas, as to language facility, national origin, and education. Findings include:

  • About three out of four Latinas surveyed are bilingual.
  • Many Latinas feel they lack access to role models, sponsors, mentors, and informal networks.
  • They report that it is a challenge to build effective professional relationships, and that negative stereotypes are a hindrance in navigating the corporate work environment.
  • In responding to their outsider status, some Latinas make a concerted effort to fit in while others maintain their unique styles.
  • Diversity policies are generally not seen as creating inclusive work environments.
  • Many Latinas place a great deal of emphasis on their relationships with extended family members, who serve as sources of support, but these close relationships are less than optimally supported by corporate policies.

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