Catalyst Corporate Board Resource

Connecting CEO-Sponsored Women to Board Opportunities

The Catalyst Corporate Board Resource gives member CEOs the opportunity to:

  • Sponsor board-ready women for corporate director positions.
  • Access our premier directory of CEO-recommended women board candidates.
  • Share board opportunities with other Catalyst member companies.

By working with the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource and putting the weight of their personal recommendation behind these women candidates, member company CEOs can directly increase boardroom gender diversity at their companies and at others while providing extraordinary leadership opportunities for top women executives.

Participating Catalyst member CEOs should complete the Sponsorship Form to sponsor women inside or outside of their company, who become part of our exclusive directory. Catalyst member CEOs should complete the Request Form to access the directory as a first resource when directorships become available on their own boards, or other boards within their network. In partnership with Catalyst, member companies are uniquely positioned to lead the mission to increase diversity in the boardroom by sponsoring board-ready women and consulting the directory as needed.

The Catalyst Corporate Board Resource is premised on a recent Catalyst report, Sponsoring Women to Success, which demonstrates how sponsorship can offer high performers greater access to advancement and the opportunity to excel. Building on this research, the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource applies the concept of sponsorship to the perceived lack of and real need for women board directors.

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