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Celebrating Women’s Equality Day?

Check out Catalyst’s new infographic and video.


NEW YORK (August 20, 2014)Catalyst believes that feminism is as relevant today as it has been in the past. As the United States prepares to observe Women’s Equality Day on August 26, Catalyst releases its new Women’s Equality Day infographic and What Is Feminism? video to honor those who have made change for women in the past, and those who advocate for full equality today. 

“Anyone who has ever taken intentional steps to support change for women can be considered a feminist,” says Deborah Gillis, President & CEO, Catalyst. These role models—men and women alike—prove that true equality will not happen by itself. They inspire others to take action, knowing that when women and men have equal opportunities, everyone benefits—families, businesses, communities, and society at large.”

Catalyst’s Women’s Equality Day infographic charts significant milestones for women—from voting rights to employment laws to educational opportunities. It also quotes trailblazers who have been instrumental in shaking up the status quo. It is meant to inspire others to follow the footsteps of those bold change makers until full equality is achieved.


The What Is Feminism? video opens with the definition of “feminism,” and then spotlights a handful of Catalyst employees sharing what “feminism” means to them personally. It was created in response to the anti-feminist movement, and shows that feminism equals inclusiveness, and benefits both women and men.

The What Is Feminism? video features, in order of appearance:   

  • Serena Fong, Vice President, Government Affairs

  • Anna Beninger, Director, Research

  • Tolonda M. Tolbert, PhD, Senior Associate and Consultant, Global Member Services

  • Marshall Widjaja, Database Designer/Programmer, Information Technology

  • Deepali Bagati, Vice President, Inclusive Leadership Initiative

  • Michael J. Chamberlain, Vice President, Marketing

  • Audrey Gallien, Senior Associate, Events

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Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading nonprofit organization expanding opportunities for women and business. With operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, and Japan, and more than 700 members, Catalyst is the trusted resource for research, information, and advice about women at work. Catalyst annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote women's advancement with the Catalyst Award.